Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Droplets

Its raining over here in Pune and I am playing clicking game in the rain. Trying to capture the beauty of water droplets on leaves.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Markets moves or Analysts drive

Buy Satyam MktPrz: 77 Target: 100 - JP Morgan
Buy Zee News MktPrz: 45 Target: 66 - Sharekhan
Sell Ambuja Cement MktPrz: 98 Target: 86 - Angel Broking

Such flashing tips can be easily seen on any business channel. In fact on screens TV channels have reserved permanent slots for them. Daily Brokers will flood your mobile inbox by sms and mails of trading calls. Are these tips actually worthy and trustful?

Such tips steer the volatility in the markets. Thousands of people trust these tips and buy and sell according to it. Tips very uses the main driving factor of sharer market i.e. rumors. For example say a run a broking company with a large customer database. I send them a tip buy share X @ Rs. 100 and sell @ Rs. 150 without any technical analysis. This message reaches millions of people in seconds thanks to information technology. Now say out of million half a million takes this call seriously. They think Research Analysts are saying to buy at this prize means this share will not fall beyond this prize and purchase the share. A lot of money has been put into the market on that share at that prize. Since information of buying and selling of every second is visible to all a sudden positive reaction comes from the market. People think yes the tip was true and the remaining people also start investing in that share and the value keep increasing.

Similar but opposite pattern took place as the share reaches the target assigned by analyst. People start selling that stock, believing that it will not grow beyond that. Heavy profit booking turns the market sentiments negative and bears come into play. As a result share value again declines from the target.
This is how brokerage firms and analysts keep on riding the waves of market sentiments and keep earning the profit irrespective of the ups and down of the market.

They are analysts not prophets so they can see the future. No share in the market is bond to follow supports and resistances, as the future moving trend will not be a mirror image of the past trend. This is the reason why half the times there tips and predictions go waste. But still it is better to follow tips as you will be in sync with the market after all they are the ultimate dictators of the financial jungle.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Work from Home

Global economy has seen a sharp decline in recent pass. Companies as a protective measure are trying to cut cost from every possible corner."Work from Home" is one such solution. Initially people may feel left out and without supervision but gradually they will feel more comfortable. This will also let them manage their personal and professional goals. Therefore it will finally result into more valued and stronger bond between employee and employer.

Work from Home policy has many benefits first and foremost important is for the company and that is reduced cost per associate work space, electricity and system. Companies will save a lot of money in each of them since expenses for one work station per month may vary from 5,000 to 20,000 in a big corporate.

It will also save time and cost to commute to Associates. Though it is said that one should mix his personal and professional life but flexi hours do this in an effective manner. For example take a case of working women who is pregnant or taking care of a new born. Absence of Flexi hour will leave them no option but to take either sabbatical, long leave or resigning from the job. Now with functional work from home they can very well manage home and work with better efficiency.

Associates will feel more valued and relaxed as they are given liberty to work according to their mood. This feeling in them also gives birth to sincerity and responsibility. Hence they will be more productive once trusted. It will also reduce the attrition rate which is also an ill increasing practice by employees now days.
Since it is giving space to professionals it is proving an effective way of reducing cost and improving performance. Hence policies like Work from home and Flexi-hour are gaining popularity in corporate houses. Definitely it has more advantages over traditional office timings.

Image credit: abcnews.com

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