Saturday, April 22, 2017

10 most useful browser addons for product managers

  1. Edit this cookie
As product manager if you do drive a lot of A/B experiments based on cookie values, this extension is of great help. This  can help you quickly set the desired cookie value and see different experiences/features attached to that cookie value and change everything related with cookie
  1. Tag Assistant by Google
This extension is handly tool to check all the Google analytics events which are firing on a particular page or a certain action. Once you enable the extension, perform the action for which you need to analytics and review the extension pane to see the tracking details

  1. Effin UTM builder
Tracking the traffic and conversions coming through various campaigns is really important to understand the effectiveness of campaigns and realign the budgets. Using UTM parameters is a widely accepted method of tracking campaign performance. This extension provides a quick way to save time and create URLs with UTM parameters

  1. Perfect pixel
It helps you understand the variations in the final page/screen from the initial design to begin with.
PerfectPixel allows you create a translucent layer on the page to add the final mock. This way you can easily compare the output and decide whether there are any variations and if in the acceptable limit

  1. SEOquake
Very handy tool to understand the SEO related metrics for any page instantly. It tells you the Keyword density, internal and external links, etc. It can also do a quick SEO audit of the page for quick and easy optimizations as it give out the tips for fixing the highlighted issues

  1. Rapportive
This extension is most useful for PMs or ppl in outbound role where they have to interact with a lot of external folks. This extension shows rich social networking profiles of  the email sender right inside your gmail account with the actional CTAs. Useful for networking.

  1. User-Agent Switcher
This extension adds a quick button to your browser to allow you to switch and mimic different user-agents. It pretty much has all popular browsers and devices and I like it because of its simplicity

  1. Awesome screenshots
As name suggests, this extension lets you take a screenshot but what makes it awesome is the ability to capture the entire scroll, add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with ease

  1. Product hunt
is a new-tab chrome extension, it replaces your default tab with latest product releases with summary and links to try them out. A good to keep track of what’s new products are getting released

  1. Sortd
This is not only useful for product managers but for anyone who uses gmail and is a fan of trello. It is basically a smart skin for gmail which allows you to drag drop and categories emails. It also embeds some useful buttons in the regular gmail UI for you to prioritize, set reminders, follow-up or snooze emails.

Other than these the 2 more extensions which I find really useful increasing the productivity but are more generic in nature are Toomanytabs and Wunderlist.

Hope you find the list useful. Do share your fav. add-ons in the comments section as a product guy

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